QuickTip: Linux Drive Commands #shorts

The Benefits of Project Time Management Software

A quality project management software helps in planning and controlling resources, as well as costs and schedules in order to ensure the smooth running of a particular project. It also includes functions such as calendars, charts, employee time tracking and budgets, generating of reports and scheduling.

Global Ground Breaking Presence Of iPhone Applications

Whether it was smartphones with full touch-screens, actually browsing the internet on a mobile device or a place from where you can download applications (app store) Apple initiated it all. The sheer number of innovations by Apple intimidates almost every mobile phone manufacturer today.

Why Engage a Cloud Based Event Management Solution?

In this technological world, cloud computing is playing a key role in event management industries. Planners and organizers can now opt for a cloud based event management solution, which will help in reducing the work pressure and executing the plan smoothly. In the recent times, where time counts to money, this solution can help you immensely in simplifying your work offering added features and functionalities.

How to Undelete Deleted Files Quickly

It’s easy to delete a file by accident on your computer. Maybe you just got trigger happy and clicked the “are you sure” confirmation without thinking. Maybe you selected a bunch of files to delete including some that you actually wanted to keep.

Password Recovery for a PDF File

PDF files seem to be almost everywhere nowadays. Most of them can be opened at the click of a button but if they contain sensitive information then there’s a good chance that they will have been password protected. Which is good news if you want to keep your data safe from prying eyes but bad news if the file is legitimately on your hard drive but stubbornly refuses to open until you give it the magic word!

How to Spot The Most Reliable Web Application Development Companies

Hiring any application development company you come across is like marrying the first girl you see on the street. Find out how to hire the most reliable one in this article.

Data Mining: Its Description and Uses

Data mining also known as the process of analyzing the KDD which stands for Knowledge Discovery in Databases is a part of statistics and computer science. It is a process which aims to find out many various patterns in enormous sets of relational data.

Fragmentation Of The Ext4 File System In Ubuntu

Many users who come from Windows file systems like FAT or NTFS, may not believe that GNU/Linux systems in general and Ubuntu operating system in particular do not need file system (either ext2, ext3 or ext4) defragmentation. The reality is that there exist a defragmentation method, but it doesn’t impact so much and does hardly anything in regards to the system speed.

Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 1204 – PART II

It is advisable to take a walk through the “System Configuration” menu where the user will find many options to configure Ubuntu. By default it is shows as part of the Launcher (launcher bar). It can also be opened it from the icon at “Shutdown> System Settings” on the right top panel.

The Desktop Environment and Window Manager in GNU-Linux

When the system runs an X server (graphical), X client applications can use and create a GUI (graphical interface). The range of GUIs is very broad, ranging from the most rudimentary ones (twm), to the most developed and interactive (GNOME, KDE… ). To be able to create these more advanced GUIs, applications connect two main classes of X client applications to X server: a desktop environment and a window manager.

Have You Used Web Portal Development Services For Your Business?

When it comes to ensuring high popularity of your website, the services of web portal development professionals is very important. The present article concentrates upon the various types of services that experts operating in the field of web portal development offer to their customers. Read on and gain a sneak preview of what to expect when you hire their services.

Online Payment Solution: Leading to a Cashless World!

Today’s society is slowly progressing towards a cashless economy! People prefer to use their plastic instead of hard cash. Indeed, using credit cards is a lot easier than carrying cash around. One card is all that you need to fit in your wallet whereas in case of cash you need to carry a bulk amount since you don’t know how much you may require at one go. While speaking to a corporate honcho who lives next door, I realized the significance of online payment and its growing importance for the business world. They have started using different online payment solutions and phasing out the acceptance of cash from the customers. You need to hire people in order to man the cash counters while in case of online money transfer the process is quick, simple and hassle-free.

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