Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners 22 – Break and continue

How To Convert Images To PDF Online (Make a PDF From Images For Free)

Photography has undergone a massive change in the last decade or so as it embraces the digital medium almost completely. People take more photographs than ever before and most of them will only ever be displayed on a screen. The most common format for storing images is the JPEG format.

Top 5 Trending Programming Languages to Develop Mobile Applications

This article is going to help you to choose the most efficient programming language while devising an efficient mobile application among the plenty of available options. With time, mobile technology is rapidly growing and impacting the diverse business sectors worldwide.

Why Buy The Office 2016 Key

Among all the computer programs one of the most significant and likely to be found in every computer is the Microsoft Office program. This is known as an office program because it helps with carrying out office activities such as typing, data entry, and creating different document formats. These are essential functions made possible by various program tools such as Office word, excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and many others.

5 Salient Facts About IOS App Development That Need Utmost Attention

Considering the innumerable facets of iPhone applications that need dire consideration during development, this article pinpoints the crucial facts that demand the maximum attention of the developers and app owners. Every successful mobile app has some unique story behind them and developers are gaining recognition for their roles in crafting such stellar applications with outstanding orientation and features.

Windows 8.1 Professional Key

From windows 7 we got Windows 8 edition that was launched in 2012, and we got four versions of this OS. It was an improvement from the previous Windows, and it had significant changes such as the use of widgets instead of icons, the removal of the start button and increase in speed and stability. However, some features were re-introduced in the Windows 8.

The Windows 7 Ultimate

The impressive windows 7 operating system edition which was launched in 2009, came after the older XP and the windows vista operating system. This was a major improvement that had more features and guaranteed more compatibility with different programs hence boosting its popularity, and it’s still widely preferenced up to date. This Microsoft Windows operating system comprises of various versions, and they include; windows 7 home basic, ultimate, professional, home premium, starter and Enterprise.

How Church Management Software Helps in Growing a Community

The church management system can act as one of the best tools to the church community. It not only helps in unification of community members but also in the management of financial issues. The leaders of the church can efficiently coordinate with the church members, volunteers and the visitors through the ChMs. It also has a role in empowering and engaging the community.

Imbalanced Join Conditions in Database Queries

RDBMS or Relational Database Management Systems use queries to fetch data from the database. In complex situations when queries are constructed between many tables specifying many query conditions one or two missed join conditions can lead to prolonged query run times if the database has high volumes of data.

Simplifying User Experience Design UX/User Interface Design UI

In the current technology driven market it is pretty common for each one of us to hear about the great UX of any product or the not so impressive UI of any website or app. This makes us think what UI is and UX as not everyone is a tech expert to understand these terms.

A Magical New Way To Test Your Apps on Real Devices

Apps are the ‘new thing’. We are living in an era, where, you click on your mobile screen for your evening cup of ‘cuppa’. With the advent of technology and internet, mobile phones and services are getting personalized like never before! And to compliance these services, numerous number of apps are appearing everyday to suit different platforms. Among the apps, the demand for consumer apps is the highest, but various enterprise applications are also evolving to support various businesses. Due to the ever-growing demand for mobile apps, app makers and developers are shifting their focus towards creating strategies and roadmap before launching their applications. It is easier to launch an app with features and functionality required by a particular service, but it is pretty critical to have a rigorous and a flawless mobile testing plan before the deployment.

6 Essential Considerations For Enterprise Mobile App Development

This content is for business entrepreneurs, who want to develop a mobile application for their business. They can learn about important considerations that they need to consider while developing a mobile app for their business.

Android Instant Apps: Unleashing the Prominent Future of Mobile Applications

This article is a key take on the recent advancement witnessed in the field of mobile app development, that is, Android Instant apps. The biggest technological giant, Google has unveiled Android Instant apps, the newest approach of running Android applications without installing them.

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