Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners 8 – Logical ‘AND’ Operator

How Can an ERP System Enhance Your Operational Performance?

Within the past few decades, information gathering challenges have completely changed for decision-makers in the retail industry. Previously, retailers suffered from a lack of correct information, but nowadays they have too much raw and unstructured data, which becomes very difficult to interpret.

Deep Learning and Its Impact on Image Recognition and Speech Patterns

Deep learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that permits software to train and perform all by itself tasks like speech recognition and image recognition. It has a lot of significance in various fields like medical diagnostics; robotics and a lot of innovations are currently being done to assure its superiority with real time applications.

FLCleaner 3.0 – What Is a “Stack Manager”? Will It Make You A Better Designer?

FLCleaner 3.0 is a digital device optimization solution designed to provide users with the ability to track the various pieces of software running on their system, optimizing them if necessary. Originally designed for Windows, its central (web based) control center allows anyone to use the system to manage all sorts of devices. It has proven especially popular with companies who utilize a lot of digital infrastructure.

7 Reasons Why Shopping Malls, Hospitals and Huge Facilities Need Indoor Navigation Apps

The article introduces readers to the importance of adopting indoor navigation technology for superior facility management. Readers can look forward to 7 reasons why using a indoor positioning and navigation app can be extremely beneficial for facilities such as shopping malls, office spaces, hospitals etc.

Why Choose AngularJs Development Services to Build Superior Applications

The tech world is welcoming numerous new app development frameworks and AngularJS is topping the list. This article will give you a brief insight about AngularJS and why you should use it.

Business Owner? Know Why You Need Mobile Apps

This article is going to pinpoint a few persuasive reasons why as a business owner you should opt for having a mobile application. Read on to know more. In today’s tech-savvy era, going mobile is no more a luxury for diverse businesses.

A Guide to the Latest Business Analytics Trends in 2018

With the upsurge of Business Intelligence trends across industries, numerous other technologies have also emerged as its companion. And the future really looks impressive when it comes to business intelligence and its growth. Let us have a quick tour on how BI will look like in the upcoming years.

6 Features to Tick While Choosing an Ideal Analytic Solution for Your App

The explosion of data has laid to numerous tech evolutions. With the rise in mobile app development, the glut of data has inspired to the crave of better reports and dashboards. For a fact, the more accessible data becomes, the more your clients demand analytics to get the most out of their applications they use.

How Penetration Testing Benefiting the IT Firms

One of the greatest difficulties in IT security is deciding if the penetration testing tools and designs you have set up are giving your association the level of security you require. Relying on the major rule that prevention is better than cure, it is basically a data confirmation movement to decide whether the data is suitably secured. Before knowing its benefits let us first understand what exactly Penetration Testing means.

Bug Bash Testing Lightens the Quality of Software

Running a bug-bash is a filthy mystery of software improvement. You won’t read about them in software engineering classes, or in coordinated strategy workshops. This is what’s known as a bug bash, and regularly they’re a waste of time.

Make Informed Decisions With Big Data Analytics

A survey conducted by NVP revealed that increased usage of Big Data Analytics to take decisions that are more informed has proved to be noticeably successful. More than 80% executives confirmed the big data investments to be profitable and almost half said that their organization could measure the benefits from their projects. When it is difficult to find such extraordinary result and optimism in all business investments, Big Data Analytics has established how doing it in the right manner can being the glowing result for businesses.

Key Advantages of Mobile CRM Software for Higher Sales

CRM software are enriching the business processes. When you use this utility tool with mobile it gives you an edge over your competitors. This brief is a brief introduction to how it uplifts your strategy making.

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