Top 5 Linux Apps for June 2022

The New-Age Healthcare IT Services

The best thing about healthcare IT services is the fact that it is microscopically customizable. A far cry from pre-designed IT solutions, healthcare IT solutions can be designed and programmed to answer the specific area of operation – making it easy to install and convenient to use.

How a Virtual Medical Receptionist Could Benefit Your Practice

A telephone line is very important to a medical practice. You get about 80% of your client database from phones. Hence, every call is important.

Free Earthquake Apps For Your iPhone – Always Stay Alert!

Have you ever experienced an earthquake? It is horrible. You may have thought about, how nice it would be if you could get alerts and updates about them. Yes, it is possible now. You just need some smart apps. Take a look at the article to know more about these apps.

QuickBooks Hosting – The Tangible Era Of An Intangible Technology

The intangible cloud technology has been a major contributor in leveling the playground for the match between the SMBs and Fortune 500 organizations. QuickBooks hosting offers tangibility by being available for anytime, anywhere and any digital media access. Find out how the amalgamation of the cloud and QB brought about a revolution in the world of IT accounting…

SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro and Office 365

Recently, Microsoft announced some important new capabilities in the Office 365 suite, and among the most important of these is the integration of SkyDrive with SharePoint Online. SkyDrive has changed the game for SharePoint Online in a number of key areas: It provides integration with your local file system for SharePoint Online libraries – It maintains integrated security and enterprise management features through Office 365 – It increases the user’s My Site storage space…

Why Hire a Software Development Company

Businesses can no longer exist without having a presence on the Internet. Regardless of how small the size of your business, you need a website to put the word out. While sites like WordPress allow you to create your own website using pre-designed templates, there are several other businesses using the same template.

E-Invoicing Adoption on the Rise

A new report from PayStream Advisors reports that e-invoicing is definitely on the rise. This comes as no surprise, as more and more organisations are starting to realise the benefits of investing in an e-invoicing solution – securing a reduction in overall processing costs and eliminating paper from the AP department among the survey’s respondents’ top reported advantages.

Several Benefits of Workforce Scheduling Software

Workforce scheduling software is by far the most important thing for a company that deals with a large mobile workforce. One of the first things that you will need to do is choose software that is best suited to your company’s needs, its services and the requirements of your staff.

Managing Your Team With Mobile Workforce Management Software

When you are working with a large workforce, one of the main things that gets it going is workforce management software that you use. There are several tasks that need to be handled, assigned, closed and billed. Doing all this becomes much easier when you have a software that gets all this work done.

Handling Your Team in The Field With Mobile Workforce Management Software

Many service based companies today have a mobile workforce that they depend on. This massive team that works largely outside the office has to be managed and scheduled and this is done with mobile workforce management software.

Excel Training Course – 5 Great Excel Tips and Tricks

Five useful tips to help overcome those common excel issues. These tips include viewing all formulas on a worksheet, counting cells, printing comments, viewing sheets and centring a title.

Log Viewer That Is Right for You: 5 Things to Consider

There are numerous Log Viewer / Log Analyzer tools available. This article is intended to help in selecting the tool adequate to the tasks. It also gives more details on the advantages of graphical log pattern analysis and recommends a free advanced tool for that.

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