Ubuntu Gnome Linux Operating System Experimental Version with Free VPN and Free Streaming

Six Ways to Handle Tech Support Complaints

Many tech support companies don’t seem to understand that customers are the driving force behind their business and it’s their right to complain whenever they feel dissatisfied with the services they have received. The best tech support companies will not only find the best way to resolve these complaints but they’ll also consider each complaint as an opportunity to improve their services by following these simple methods.

ERP Development – Get Your Fundamentals Right Before Implementing

There are several important factors which you need to keep in mind while beginning to consider implementing an ERP development solution in your organization. There are few major critical factors that influence the success of ERP development solutions.

Important Tips on How to Be a Successful SAP Developer

To be considered as successful SAP developers, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve success. SAP developers can be assigned in three areas mainly: Functional, Development and Basis/Network/SAP/Technical Admin.

Fetch EDB Recovery Tool and Join the League of Beneficiaries

Once the Exchange database EDB file is heavily corrupted, there are sparse chances that it can be corrected using a manual approach. It is always better to entrust a commercial solution for the purpose of EDB recovery.

What the Future Holds for Enterprise IT

In the acclaimed 2007 book “Where’s My Jetpack?” author Daniel H. Wilson took a humorous look at the technologies 21st century man was promised by industry visionaries and futurists, but never actually came about: robot maids, vacations on the moon, food pills, and (as the title implies) jetpacks.This article presents you with the major trends that will impact the future of enterprise computing…

Recover Lost Photos With Photo Retrieval Software

Picture this, you’ve just married your long-term girlfriend; traveled to somewhere beautiful to celebrate your honeymoon, and took, as any couple would normally do, loads of photos to remember the special occasion. Now imagine that all of those photos that you had taken whilst you were on your honeymoon were lost because of a faulty memory card, corrupted storage, or some other storage device related issue. This could be devastating – heart breaking in fact, but it needn’t necessarily be. There’s a solution: photo recovery software.

Four P’s for Debating

The Debates are very commonly seen at dissimilar forums and places of various age groups like students, social workers, activists, politicians, academicians, and so on. You could find a wide range of styles, which are being adopted in the debating world. This including presidential debates, live discussions, intelligent discussions, debates on Current affairs, breaking news, election news, etc.

Optimize Your Joomla Site For Google In 7 No-Sweat Steps

They say being friendly is good, we say being search engine friendly is great! Search engines conduce to be your Joomla website’s best friends. If you are at the right terms with all major search engines, your website will surely go places on the World Wide Web.

Why Java Is Worth The Learning Effort

Java, the language primarily used for applications, is still a very hot topic in the community of developers. Because the discussion touches on things that are not very nice, too, there are developers who have started thinking that the language is not as great as it once was.

How to Fix Windows 7 Slowdown Problems

Despite that your Windows 7 computer is a brand new machine, you might be faced with the horrible slowdown problem. Running too many startup programs and multiple antivirus programs are among other reasons that may cause your Windows 7 computer to experience slowdown or sluggishness. It won’t really sound odd if you say “I am battling with slowdown in my Windows 7 computer” because that’s what the truth is.

Useful Tips for Android App Developers

As the android application market is growing day by day, android app developers have to face tough competition to woo the end users. Android is basically a Linux based operating system with JAVA library which was developed for smart phones to make them more compatible and useful.

Convert EDB to PST

Corruption in Exchange server mailbox can be solved in an amazed way while taking the help of an Exchange Recovery tool. The corruption issues in Exchange server occur due to either planned or unplanned downtime, which becomes the major cause of trouble, but there is a perfect way to convert EDB to PST files to get back the access of Exchange server files.

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