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Understanding IVR Systems’ Capabilities

IVR systems need to be scalable to your utility company’s current size and potential growth to ensure long term success as a part of your outage management process. Look for IVR systems that feature adaptive solutions such as automated crew call-out for utilities of all sizes.

Does Free Antivirus Work the Same As Paid Antivirus

There are tons of anti-virus software’s online for free that are quite useful, but still, a lot of people are buying it in stores that are much more expensive. The question is, is the free antivirus’ as effective compared to the ones that people are paying for? A lot of people want to keep their computer bug free and getting protection for free may be your best option.

App Design Basics

Designing an app (application) for a mobile phone, tablet, or similar mobile device often requires a person to be knowledgeable in certain types of programming languages. Although, it is possible for someone with the right skills to work solo, quite a lot of the more advanced apps are developed by teams within a particular company.

Follow These Five Tips When Implementing Time and Attendance Software

Automating labor management processes or upgrading to a more robust time and attendance system are both intelligent business improvements. Following these tips and tricks will help businesses obtain maximum value from their new system, while also ensuring that the new processes are implemented as seamlessly as possible.

How to Choose an Employee Scheduling Software for Employee Scheduling

An employee scheduling software that offers online employee scheduling is a wonderful tool for small and medium sized businesses. The software allows small business owners and managers to focus their full attention on their core operations.

The Render Dress Tease

Before I started to learn and work with 3D rendering, I thought that anti-aliasing was a lobby against monikers. Little did I know about the mesmerising power of the render tool, and the tantalising anticipation of the smoothing bar. As anyone who works with powerful 3D applications will know, the rendering function is like a striptease in reverse, where the clothes are slowly going on rather than coming off.

Go Digital With Expense Tracking Software

A good expense tracking software should not need any note-taking. And in present times, one should say goodbye to spreadsheets, formulas and cells and leave beyond those receipts in the recycle bin. There are many easy to use expense tracking tools available in the market.

Protecting Your Data With USB Password Protection

USB flash drives are very portable, making it easier to carry your work anywhere you go, but they have one challenge which makes them insecure. These drives are easy to misplace and this can lead to exposing your sensitive data to third parties. The solution to this is protecting your USB flash drive or the content you need to protect.

How Asset Management Software Can Benefit a Business Venture

Any technological progress is not unnecessarily disastrous – asset management software is one such invention that makes the resource management in a company more streamlined. Streamlined Asset Management plays a vital role in the success of any organization – be it a small scale industry to large corporate houses. Hence, many companies have now taken up to Asset Management software to deal with the tedious task of monitoring and organizing the assets.

Understanding the Pricing Structure of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft dynamics GP is accounting or ERP software that is targeted for mid market business. The software is available in North America, South America, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, the Middle East and…

Time and Attendance and Payroll Solutions for Small Businesses

How affordable and reliable is a time and attendance management system? That is a concern often articulated by SMEs and retailers looking for return on investment (ROI).

Two Types of Host Monitoring on the Network

This information gives additional opportunities to a system administrator: to react on occurred failures in time, to optimize the hardware’s and network device’s operation more effectively, and to plan the network upgrades as well. There are two types of the host monitoring process: the server and client-server methods. The first one is the server-based periodical scanning of the whole range of IP addresses on the network, which allows detecting all the devices connected to it.

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