WTF is MakuluLinux?

How Much Documentation Is Required in a Scrum Team?

A Scrum Team is a dynamic team that works together on projects to ensure consistent inspection of the project, adapting the project where and when necessary, organizing the self to move on to the next phase and to remain continuously innovative. Benefit One: Teams are self led. Scrum Teams do require a Scrum Master, but the Master is not a Manager.

A Foray Into the World of Microsoft Windows 8

When Microsoft provides a Windows 7 Menu, when they allow the Desktop mode to be the default, when they remove the screen resolution restrictions, when they come out with the first service pack – then, and only then, will the corporate world start taking an interest in Windows 8. Windows 7 is too good an operating system to be replaced with a colourful, but immature version.

Female Office Politics Might Be a Good Psychological Model for Studying Muslim Terrorist Groups

Before I start this article, I want everyone to know this is not a sexist comment, and it should not be taken that way. Rather it is an observation of American life, and the similarities to social behavior amongst other organizations and groups in the real world. By drawing these two comparisons we might be able to create an algorithmic software program to help us assimilate information, personalities, and primate politics in its most primal form.

How to Run Windows on Mac, Step 1: Pick Your Windows Version

If you ever wished that you still had a Windows computer so that you could still run some of your old Windows programs, or maybe you need them for work or school, this article will tell you how to run Windows on your Mac. This way you can have your Windows programs and your Mac software, the best of both worlds! This will be a 3 article series. The first step shows you which Windows Version to get (that’s this article), steps 2 and 3 will help you decide what program to use with your Windows on Mac and how to install it all.

Source Code Reverse Engineering – A Boon or a Bane

The concept of reverse engineering or retrieving the original source code back started as early as writing the source code itself. This was initially invented to regain the source code when the original code is lost in instances such as a disk crash, virus attack, theft or destruction due to natural causes. Once the source code is compiled in to a byte code for the machine it is intended to, the source code is not needed anymore as it is the byte code that goes along with the machine.

CRM Management Software for Making Strong Customer Relations

CRM offers real-time visibility for the team’s activities so that sales activities could be forecasted with full confidence. With the help of CRM it becomes easier to manage properly customer information and thus less time is required for handling data.

The Power of Interactive Learning That Can Change the World

A form of knowledge enhancement that is commonly used on the Internet is known as collaborative learning. One individual can team up with another and share information and skills.

ERP System And CRM Software – What Can They Do For Your Business?

Running a business today can be very stressful and you need all of the help that you can get if you are going to make a success of it. You need the most up to date information to make the right decisions and an ERP system and CRM software are the right choice.

Simple Interrow Computation: Keep It Simple!

It’s about simple interrow computation tips for business experts. The interrow computation is quite common, such as the aggregate, comparison with same period of any previous year, and link relative ratio in business statistics and analytics. Both R language and esProc provide a pretty good interrow computation ability with slight difference to each other.

Small Business CRM Tips: Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Customer Relationship Management Tool

If you’re an entrepreneur, you most likely have a solution or two in place to manage data about your clients, partners and prospects. At first, you may perhaps be fine with simply compiling business cards of your customers in a card holder on saving their contact information on your mobile phone. However, you’ll soon realize that you need a more systematic means of storing/accessing data. That’s the time you should consider getting a small business CRM tool. Here are top five reasons why you need one.

Get AOL Support and Services

AOL is today a brand name that is recognized worldwide for its wide range of services that it offers to all. Since making its debut in 1983 the company has seen several changes in its management as well as its brand name. It had started with the name “Control Video Corporation”, or CVC, and had its only product was online gaming service for a particular game console, which offered a number of games available to its customers for download at $1 per game, though only one game was available to be played at one time. To play a game that a person had played earlier, it needed to be purchased again.

Windows 8 Smartphone: 5 Apps to Enhance User Experience

After purchasing a Smartphone enabled with Windows latest version (8) one may go on looking for appropriate apps for it. However, one may wonder about its app compatibility but the most interesting aspect about Windows 8 phone is its app compatibility with the older version of Windows (7.5). This makes it easier to find apps that suit your needs. Listed in this article are 5 such apps that will help enhance your experience with your Windows 8 Smartphone. Let us have a look at these apps one by one and understand how these apps are useful.

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