WTF is Q4OS?

Design a New Year Logo: Re-Design Your Brand

The great businesses need great logos. Some logos are just simple icons which identify what the company is all about, what it does etc. Other logos are detailed images full of color and clever, unique & imagery features. Such logos catch the attention of people and bring more customers.

Basics of Multi-Body Dynamic Analysis

This article discusses in details about the basics of multi-body dynamic analysis software. It evaluates functioning of multi-body system and also identifies force that is produced in this process.

An Introduction to 3D Modeling

Advanced technology, like 3D modeling, helps people in many ways. It can improve methods for medical practices or provide entertainment with its amazing graphic design. People use a white light scanner to get a smooth 3D scan of a moving or inanimate object.

Citrix Printing Offers Solutions For Business Printing

Okay, so everyone knows that printing projects are not the favorite tasks in any office, but many executives and staff members enjoy it more when they are able to use Citrix printing. If you do not know the value of printing with this technology, you need to know something of its history in order to understand.

Document Capture Software Comparison

View the main features of the most popular document capture solutions available in the market. Learn what trends are taking over in Document Capture and Cloud computing.

Membership Personalisation + Self Service Portals = Better Member Value

This article explores how membership associations can take advantage of technology to increase membership personalisation whilst giving members the ability to self serve. This provides additional value to members, improving retention rates.

Apple Support – Learn More About It

Founded in mid 1976, Apple Inc. is a leading multinational corporation that is based in California. The company was founded as Apple Computer, Inc. but was renamed to Apple Inc. in the beginning of 2007 to reflect shift in its focus towards consumer electronics as well.

Some Great Firefox Plugins Adding to Functionality of Firefox and Web Development

Firefox plugin development is gaining momentum in the global landscape of various browsing environments to improve browsing experience of the users and developers to create websites quickly and easily. In this piece of write up, some popular Firefox plugins have been discussed, which are widely used by users and web developers.

Characteristics of Performance Management System in Evaluating a Firm’s Effectiveness

An effective performance review system plays an essential role in managing the overall performance of the employees and organization. While analyzing the performance measures, the key performance indicators (KPI) must be set well in advance for a smooth and efficient appraisal system.

Selecting a Suitable Sales Collaboration Application

Sales collaboration is important when team members work separately on a project. The application makes their job easier.

How Online Class Registration Software Helps in Managing Classes Methodically?

With the invention of various tech tools and solutions, class organizers no longer want to waste their time being buried in back-office, administrative tasks in the traditional way. They are taking complete advantage of a series of software based platforms to automate processes, including class registrations, management of fees, and students and instructors engagements and interactions. Online class registration software comes with an affordable price tag with no subscription or maintenance charges attached to it.

Online Webinars: The Best Way to Reach Out to a Global Audience in Less Time

Businesses in different parts of the world organize online webinars more often these days to easily reach out to their target audience who are geographically dispersed. It is quite a hassle-free task to set up an online webinar; all you need is a computer or laptop, internet connection, and speakers if you are opting for an audio-visual presentation. The webinar participants also need a web-enabled device; plus speakers to participate in the live, online event.

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