WTF Is Spiral Linux?

Opening a New Business With an EPoS Till and EPoS Software

When opening a new hospitality business there is a number of things to keep in mind and organise before the doors open. Investing in an EPoS till and EPoS software is a guaranteed return on investment and will be a great tool in getting your business up and running.

What Kind of Projects Can You Use Adobe After Effects For?

Do you enjoy putting together short videos? Or are you perhaps interested in learning more about film production? In either case, you’ve likely found your creativity limited by Windows Movie Maker or other basic video editing software.

Online Events = Time Saving and Easily Manageable

The popularity of online events can hardly be ignored these days. Many corporate organizations are finding it to be a suitable alternative to an onsite event mainly because of lower expenses associated with it, little environmental impact, and quick accessibility. Online events are ideal for busy executives who just about manage to take some time out to attend a virtual meeting or conference.

Steps To Securing Your Computer Data

I’m sure that you can appreciate how important it is for you to safeguard your business and to make sure that it is as secure as possible. There are some steps that can be taken which will make it easier for you to do this and to ensure that you are not running into problems along the way.

BYOD and Its Impact on Enterprise Mobility

Many CIOs (Chief Information Officers) look back to the early days of enterprise mobility as the good old days, when things were just so much simpler for them. There were few mobility devices and fewer platforms, which made it much easier to implement security solutions. Most of the enterprise employees were baby boomers and the attempts to circumvent company security were much fewer. In those early days, the mobility devices were mostly company owned and provided to the employees for carrying out the company’s work.

Protecting Your Mobile Devices With DIGIPASS

It’s your worst nightmare. You try to login to your online banking website and you find your password has been changed. When you call the bank, you are informed that all of your funds have been stolen.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Time Clock Software

Are you looking out for an employee time clock software? If your answer is “Yes” then there are a lot of factors you need to consider, before opting for one. We spend a lot of time finding out the best offers and best value for our money, even in the case of purchasing a mobile phone. So what about a Time clock software that makes the complete process of submitting, editing, reviewing, updating and approving the timesheet a hassle free and less time consuming process? It definitely needs some analysis and efforts. Isn’t it necessary to squeeze out as much output as possible from the employee time clock software, in return to the money spent?

When to Use Vasco’s Two Factor Authentication

If you run a business, chances are you use a computer every single day, and so do your employees. You most likely store employee and client information on it, send emails, store files and projects, and even use it to perform sensitive operations, like making online purchases and performing online banking. So, let me ask you: what would happen if someone accessed and took all of this information?

A Guide to the Two Factor Authentication Options Offered by Vasco

Do you remember when you were in school and you had to study analogies, like apple is to orange as pencil is to pen? If so, then you will appreciate the following statement…

Security Camera Systems for Better Watch Over Children

Safety of children is the primary concern of all parents. With security camera systems, parents can ensure better watch over their wards at any time of the day.

Dynamics AX Customization and Development

Microsoft Dynamics AX accounting software or Axapta is a complete package that has the abilities for managing a company’s financial information, from middle to large size companies. It comes with many modules like General Ledger, Production, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Management, Human Resources, Cost Accounting, Bank, CRM, Service, Master Planning, Product Builder, Project, and other accounting modules. It has many features that usually will work for a company with basic needs, but for a company that requires special functions, forms and report that follow their business and processing practice, the customization will be necessary from the developers to make…

Performance Appraisal System – An Important Part of Performance Management System

For a company to outperform the competition in today’s market, Improvement in morale, creating loyalty and increasing overall productivity among the employees are essential. A performance management system is said to be at its best when it gives the right package for the right performance. This will in turn helps to implement employee engagement.

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