WTF Is Ultramarine Linux?

Crowd Finding And Technology

There is a huge difference between the art and science of creating technology and the art of marketing. There have been cases in the past where great inventions never made it anywhere due to the forces bringing it to the market being weak or insufficient. An example of this is Nikola Tesla who was a prolific and brilliant inventor of 19th century; he had almost 300 patents to his name. He invented a way of transmitting electricity with the use of alternating current across long distances with minimal loss and his rival Thomas Edison invented a much less practical method of electrical transmission through direct current. Their projects were not successful. It’s not easy to present your technology to the market and have it take root and dominate without proper marketing and effective promotional techniques.

Best Photo Editing Applications for Android

The article will highlight the major photo editing applications that are used for Android. This is only an indicative article and the applications are not arranged as per ranking.

Closed Loop Marketing To Enhance Sales

A company must realize the values of a closed loop marketing as it is an essential tool for all online marketing procedures. The marketing campaigns, when done online, deliver a far better result than the conventional way of campaigning.

Signs That a Business Needs an Automated Answering Service

Many business owners are quite hesitant about adopting an automated answering service. Some of them think that they can manage to take calls by themselves and having such service is quite impractical. Later, they realize that they wouldn’t have lost clients if they had one.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Clone Disk Instructions

Computers are pretty important these days as we store our family photos, our favorite music, private documents, tax records, medical care and all our personal emails. With this in mind, and considering most of those files are irreplaceable, many people are still not backing up their files or data.

Features of Club Management Software

Club management software has numbers of features that help in making a fitness club more organised and efficient. It is a complete package for taking care of all the operation activities of a gym or club.

E-Detailing For Pharmaceutical Companies

Thus the e-detailing marketing strategy is beneficial for both the doctors and for enhancing the sales growth of the pharmaceutical companies.E-detailing or electronic detailing is a marketing concept that is used by pharmaceutical companies in their promotional and marketing activities.

How Can ERP Assist in Presidential War Resolution

ERP can serve many purposes, and if the title of this article surprises you, please allow me to explain the role of decision support systems for leaders in government and the private sector, and the implications of such a solution in the most critical of situations. Let’s start by asking this question: What is the main characteristic of the 21st century? May be your answer is the Technology Revolution.

Should I Make the Plunge Into Windows 8?

Microsoft recently introduced their newest operating system, Windows 8. The latest is always the greatest, right? Read this, and decide for yourself if it’s worth taking the leap into Windows 8.

Audience Response System Offers Unmatched Services

Audience Response System (ARS) is a highly interactive solution produced through a combination of hardware and software which creates better interactivity to presentations, classroom lectures, board meetings or group meetings. This is the most effective way of interaction between the presenter and the audience. ARS enables audiences to take more interest in the presentations and increase their participation.

Top Microsoft NET Based Content Management Systems (CMS)

Learn about the top five Web CMS product in the marketplace today. This list is a result of the Web CMS assessment studies I perform for mid and large companies.

Get A Personal Cloud

In this age, technology is changing day by day. Everyday a new device or technology gets introduced in the market. Even the existing technologies are being upgraded to new versions.

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