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How to Reduce Costs for Managing Z/OS Networks

In today’s economic environment, many enterprises are clear in cutting their IT budgets. However, the IT demands remain intact and are not reducing to accommodate the falling expenditures. In this scenario, it is highly important for IT administrators to cut waste and do more with less. In the case of monitoring and managing z/OS networks, there is significant opportunity for cutting costs by replacing NetView.

The Case for Enterprise Search

Most large organizations have spent the last half century or so accumulating copious amounts of data on every conceivable aspect of their operation. The cost of this acquisition has been enormous – much more than many business managers realize. Every detail of every customer has been input by someone.

10 Best Practices for Version Control

Used correctly, version control is an invaluable tool – but following some basic guidelines can help you get even more out of your version control system. In this article, I share ten best practices for getting the most out of version control.

Configuration Management Software – A Critical Piece in Closing the Private Cloud Open Loop

Cloud computing has risen to the top of IT’s discussion list, with the focus primarily on public clouds, out of the high-profile side of public-cloud vendors and their smooth accessibility. But when turning to implementation, many IT organizations are not ready to rely on public clouds out of concern for security, storage of sensitive data outside the corporate firewall and a general lack of control on the part of IT. It presents an opportunity to tremendously increase the agility of IT, allowing the IT organization to rapidly and efficiently respond to changing business requirements, while still maintaining control.

Achieve Your Dream Law Office With Effective Law Billing Software

Are you also a victim of this tragic scenario? You are a full-time lawyer. You know that your days on earth are not on an increasing basis and so you want to maintain your law inclination.

Universal Description Discovery Integration

UDDI is an industry specification for publishing and locating information about Web services. It defines an information service that enables the description and classification of a web enterprise, its services, and the technical details about the interfaces of the Web services.

How to Set Up a 301 Redirect

There are various ways and techniques through which you can implement page redirect. It is crucial to learn how to set up a 301 redirect feature to work for your site. There are also other underlying factors which you must avoid in the process.

Web Based Project Management – Seizing Technology

Whether it’s a new strategy for a business or a complete restructuring of a process, project management is one of the best ways to achieve your goals in nearly anything. Today colleges even teach the system to graduates in order to give them the skills needed to really thrive. But embracing technology fully is an idea you don’t want to ignore, and using a web based project management tool to manage all of your current and upcoming projects is well worth doing.

The Architecture of Cloud Computing

When discussing the architecture of cloud computing, it is the architecture of the software system (the model that describes the structure and behaviour of the system) that is involved in the delivery of a cloud service that is being referred to….

Get Easy Navigation to Microsoft Access With Some of the Best Software Programs

In Microsoft Access 2007, there is a Navigation Pane and it is a central location from where the users can easily view and access all their run reports, database objects or they can also enter data to the tables. In the earlier versions of MS Access, database window was used for this purpose and it was replaced by the Navigation Pane from the 2007 version. Whenever a user opens a database in Access 2007, the pane is displayed on the left of the workplace or open database objects.

What Is Your CRM Solution End Game?

After consulting on CRM solutions for the past 12 years, I have found that the best place to start CRM consulting is at the end, not the beginning. In other words, what are you ultimately trying to achieve with your CRM solution? What is your end game? Focusing on the end game will help you determine the payoff of your CRM.

How To Open Your MS Access Form In Full Screen: Discover The 10 Key Properties Required

Opening an Access database form as a full screen view makes your application look and feel more professional and by setting various properties of a form plus adding some optional VBA code, this is easier than you may think. Follow the 10 key properties to the form’s design in Microsoft Access and take control over the workflows in your database application.

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